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We take an innovative, resident focused approach to elder care, creating an environment that enables residents to participate in daily life and provides them with the possibility of creating their own personal routines and surroundings according to their wishes and preferences. Each resident should have the freedom to choose and determine themselves how their day unfolds, a freedom that is a basic requirement for feeling at home. Comfort, self-value, dignity, confidence and a sense of security are the requirements for this Model of Care, we describe it as Comfortzeit.

The meaning of Zeit in German is “time” – a precious and priceless gift.

The experience of comfort while living at the care home is the result of the care that is integrated into the fabric of the small home and neighbourhoods.

Comfort: The goal of care is to work together as a whole team to support the residents in their individual desires, for example, choosing their mealtimes and preferred/familiar foods. We want them to feel respected and able to express their personal preferences. Each resident defines what comfort means for them and the staff understands this definition and aligns care to make this a reality for each resident.

Ease: To ease the transition into the new home, staff enables residents to keep familiar routines to minimise the perception of loss of control in their new surroundings.

Meaning: Experiences, activities, and daily tasks (e.g., meal preparation) are embedded because the kitchen, dining room and living room become the focal point – not the bedroom.

Mealtimes are not dictated by the output of an industrial kitchen. Our residents have freedom, autonomy, and choice to define purpose within this home setting and are supported and encouraged by the staff.

Familiarity: Staff recognises the individual personality of each resident and customizes care with great consideration to their feelings and preferences and emotional well-being.

Connection: Residents and families have opportunities and choices to create connections in a way that is meaningful to them. Residents define what connection means for them and staff creates opportunities for meaningful connection.

Contentment: Residents’ experiences align with their core values and needs leading to a sense of calm, peace, and contentment.

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