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We support residents’ abilities, whatever they may be. The building is subdivided into homes, which form a community.

Decisions about homes are made by its residents, acknowledging their particular tastes and needs. If possible, residents help with daily tasks, commensurate with their physical and cognitive abilities.

Trained staff is present at all times to help out. Friends and families are welcome. Nurses, care aides and other professional care staff play a supportive role. Our philosophy holds that medical treatment should be the servant of genuine human caring, never its master.

The architecture and interior furnishings support a continuum of care so that residents do not have to move once they are integrated into our community.

Plants are accessible both indoors and in sheltered outdoor spaces. And recognizing both the emotional and therapeutic value of pets, birds, fish and small animals can make their home here with their owners.

Residents can meet others and enjoy common activities and services. They can creatively express themselves with activities such as music and art at whatever level is comfortable.

There are opportunities to celebrate cultural roots through festivities, seasonal decorations and a diverse menu.

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Together, we can make it happen

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