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We understand the unprecedented times we are living in and the concern you have for your family and community. Over the past weeks, we have implemented many stringent practices – including lockdown – to protect our residents and staff.

On March 20th, a care aide at GCCH tested positive for Covid19. The residents and staff who came in contact with this care aide were tested and the results to date are negative.

Update 27 March 2020: We are happy and relieved to announce that the Covid19 outbreak at the German-Canadian Care Home was called off today. All Covid19 protective measures will continue as per infection control measures and the orders of the Ministry of Health.

We thank our dedicated and hard-working staff and management team.

The German-Canadian Care Home hosts a number of activities, both directly for the benefit of the residents, as well as activities that are intended for both residents and participants from the German speaking community in the greater Vancouver area.

The monthly recreation calendars provide information regarding recreation activities for the residents, including those residing on the special care units.  The Hauspost provides information regarding the activities of the German-Canadian Benevolent Society, in both English and German languages.

Current projects are funded by the Society or through government sources, and are featured here.

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