German-Canadian Care Home
Our Vision, Mission, Values & Identity

Our Vision, Mission, Values & Identity

Our Vision

Working in partnership with our community to:
Develop, deliver and inspire a high level of care.
Create and nurture a vibrant community connected to our German/European culture.

Our Mission

Providing Quality care and support for the aging.


Our Values

We are committed to high standards, ongoing improvement and the well-being of those we serve.
We foster open communication, progressive leadership, and team cohesiveness throughout the organization.
We celebrate the commitment and dedication of our employees and volunteers.
We provide an environment for people to learn and grow.
We respect our organization’s history and promote the traditions and cultural roots of the German-speaking community.
We welcome and support a multicultural environment.
We welcome the involvement and support of our Society members.
We are fiscally responsible.
We build effective relationships and partnerships with our wider community.

Who we are

We provide housing, health care, therapeutic and wellness services to seniors with complex care needs.

What we are known for

We deliver our services to our clients in ways that promote a positive view of self, build on a person’s strengths, nurture human connection, create a sense of safety, offer the freedom to choose and promote meaning, growth and joy.
We create community through outreach, volunteering, cultural events, social gatherings, education, mentorship and sharing of talents.
We offer connection to those who want to reaffirm their German/European Culture and welcome the richness of the multi-cultural community we live in.