German-Canadian Care Home
Outreach and kultur.WIR programs

Outreach and kultur.WIR programs


The Society offers cultural events for German-speaking seniors and residents, which are conducted in the German language. The community gathers twice a month, on Saturday afternoons at the German-Canadian Care Home. Events feature coffee and cake followed by a film, a speaker or a seasonal sing-along. Since their inception these events have been very well attended.

Ongoing donations to help the Society support and finance these events are much appreciated.  If you have any questions regarding this program or are interested in volunteering, please contact the Program Coordinator, Waltraud Custer at 604-713-6562 or In addition, the Outreach program includes a book exchange and a poetry club.

Weekly German Sing-along program for residents

A weekly German sing-along  is organized for Care Home residents, and members of the German community often also enjoy taking part.

Poetry Club

Once a month the poetry club meets in the Stuhlmueller Library of the Care Home to read, recite and enjoy German poetry.

If you are interested in participating please contact 604.713.6562, or e-mail


June 22, 2024: School Curriculum and Assessment in BC

July 13, 2024: Lueneburger Heide


School Curriculum and Assessment in BC

Over the past few years British Columbia has had some changes in both the school curriculum and assessment practice. “Core Competencies” which include Communicating, Collaborating, Creative Thinking, and Critical and Reflective Thinking were introduced. Personal awareness, personal and cultural identity, social awareness and responsibility round out what is referred to as core learning in the curriculum.

On June 22nd at 2pm, Patrick von Hahn will talk about personalized and student-centered learning and with which goals the curriculum was implemented.

Patrick von Hahn is an accomplished principal, school administrator, program coordinator, and French immersion specialist with extensive experience in education for over 35 years.


The German-Canadian Benevolent Society of British Columbia is registered as a charitable Organization within the meaning of the Income tax Act under Number 10742.8492.RR0001.