German-Canadian Care Home


Resident, Staff and Visitor Safety

Safety measures and systems have been implemented to prevent harm to residents, staff and visitors.

Perimeter Safety

The exit doors and driveway are equipped with sensors that will set off an alarm when residents who are at risk of walking away leave the perimeter.

The German-Canadian Care Home is a secure environment for the people living there. Most residents are at risk if they leave the property unescorted.


No pharmaceuticals are stored in resident rooms. All pharmaceuticals (including all prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs and vitamins) must be kept locked in the care centres and dispensed by a nurse.

Fire Safety

There is no smoking inside or outside of the care home building. There is a designated smoking area for residents only outside the building. Staff and visitors need to go off the premises if they wish to smoke.

The use of candles is not permitted inside the care home.

Equipment and Appliances

Any electrical equipment (e.g. TV, small fridge) intended for the personal use of a resident must be approved by a nurse and checked by our maintenance staff.

Food Safety

Families are encouraged to bring food for the resident’s personal consumption.

To ensure food safety, perishable food should be stored in a fridge and packaged in a suitable container. Non-perishable food needs to be in a sealed container. Care staff should be informed about food so they can label and date it.

Visitors who want to share food with other residents must first check with the nurse to ensure that it is suitable for them.

Our dietitian, Rebecca Lim, is available at 604-713-6544  to answer any food related questions.

If you notice an unsafe situation, please report it immediately to any staff member.