The journey to creating a better long-term care home
The journey to creating a better long-term care home

The journey to creating a better long-term care home

At the start, there were many questions. Is it possible to do things better? How do we reconcile the many, competing demands and create a better outcome? Can we create a long-term care home that attracts a person who needs care?

The impetus for going on this journey was the possibility of building a new home and creating a new physical environment. We soon discovered that there is more to it. Like all journeys, new things were waiting to be found, there were surprises along the way and there was the joy of discovering people who had traveled this road before.

We discovered buildings, physical environments that were esthetically pleasing with layouts and features that supported its inhabitants; we found staffing models that were the underpinning of success and care and series models that had nicely balanced the needs and wishes of residents with existing health guidelines.

We started our journey here in Vancouver, reading and virtually connecting with homes in Asia and Australia. We travelled to Europe, visiting care homes that had come to our attention as being innovative and forward thinking.

It was at times astounding but also comforting to discover our similarities with regards to challenges, obstacles and questions. We felt a sense of camaraderie when we recognised the level of commitment, the level of caring and love for the work that has led all of us to a genuine desire to alleviate the suffering of seniors who live in long-term care homes.

In my next article I will share some of our experiences.

Titles and focus of the series

  1. The journey to creating a better home – how it started
  2. Sharing experiences – discoveries and learnings
  3. Developing OUR vision for the new GCCH
  4. Comfortzeit – the vision takes shape
  5. Who am I? – Well-being approach to care
  6. reVisioning care – a new model emerges